Transport Management Support

TMS (Transport Management Support) support full transport management automation system.

Features :

Windows based software with DOS based printing.
Customise printing of every report.
Protection from unauthorised user.
Fast handling with various keystrokkes and multitasking features.
Export facility to MS-Excel and in Text format (.txt).
More than 200 customsed reports.

More features are as under :

Facilities :

Branchwise Consignment Booking
Outstation Booking
WTR management
Truck / Lorry Maintenance
Consignment List
Party Bill
Party Outstanding
Rate Master & List – Party Wise, Station wise, Item wise
Recall Management
P.O.D. Entry
Gate Pass & Money Receipt
Branch Delivery Entry
Backup – Date Wise & All
Restore Data
Online Branch Wise Updates with Internet

Accounts :

Cash Book
Bank Book
Money Receipt
Final Account

Reports :

Station Report
Party Outstanding
Party Report
Station Summary
Station Report
Booking Report
Manifest Report
Monthly Report

Reports :

Recall Report
WTR Statement
WTR Party Wise
WTR Company Wise
Truck History
Truck Details
Overall Stock Position
Station Wise Stock Position
Delivery Statement
Pending Cosignment
P.O.D. Report
VR-VIII Register
Service Tax Report
Pendign Challans
Pending Consignment


Bilty/Consignment – Party Bill Creation
Mani Fest/Challan
Outstation /Transit
Delivery statement
Lorry Hire (In / Out)
Consignment Recall
Pod Entry
Paid Receipt/ Gate Pass


Account Master - Consigner /Consignee Create
Rate Master Party Wise /Station Wise /Item Wise Master Create
Station Master
Item Master
Booking Branch
Lorry/Truck Master
Lorry Driver Master
WTR Party