Hotel & Restaurant Management Support

HMS (Hotel Management Support) supports hotels and Restaurant activities smoothly.

Features :

Windows based software with DOS based printing.
Customise printing of every report.
Protection from unauthorised user.
Fast handling with various keystrokkes and multitasking features.
Export facility to MS-Excel and in Text format (.txt).
More than 200 customsed reports.

More features are as under :


Room Master
Customer Registration
Advance Booking
Check In
Check Out
Room Transfer
Bill Generation
Money Receipt ( Cash / Cheque / Dd/ Card)
Hall Types & Charges
Banquet Hall Booking
Banquet Hall Check Out
Banquet Hall Booking Cancellation
Discount Master ( For Permanent Customer)
Package Booking
Cost Calculation Report For Packages
Daily Booking Report
Daily Occupancy Report
Room Vacant Report
Advance Booking Report(Daily / Monthly)
Daily Checkout Register
Daily Outstanding Report (Customer Wise / All)
Date Wise Rooms Detail
Customer Wise Rooms In/Out Details
Room Transfer Report


Product Group Master
Product Master
Purchase Entry
Receipt Master
Shortage Entry
Surplus Entry
Breakage Entry
Log Report For Date
Stock store wise daily (store 1/ store 2 .. ) wise
Requisition Report
Reorder Report
Stock Reconciliation
Booking Report
Monthly Used & Store Register
Diff. Stock below min. Level & kot stock
Reorder Level For On The Basis Of Users
Shortage Report
Surplus Report
Breakage Report


Employee Information
Attendance With Time In & Time Out / Extra Working Register
Attendance Register With Designation
Employee Listing
Daily Sheet (For Attendance))
Monthly Employee Attendance Summary


Phone Calls Management
Internet Facility Management (Online Booking)
Customer Registration
Room Availability (Date Wise)
Room Booking
Cancel Booking
E-Mail Generation On Booking*
SMS Facility (On Booking / Cancellation)*
On Line Payment Receive Option*
Depend On Service Provider On Internet (Purchased By End User)


Material Issue ( Useable / Perishable)
Check In & Checkout Report To Reception
Stock Report
Entry Room Service ( Laundry / Others)
Gate Pass
Stock Reconciliation


Restaurant Service
Bar Service
Item Group Master
Item Master With Rate
Table Creation
Waiter Creation
KOT Generation ( Restaurant / Bar / Room)
Pending KOT For Table / Room
Bill Generation (Restaurant / Bar / Room)


Daily Reports
Total Bills Generated ( All / Table Wise / Waiter Wise)
Total KOT Generated
Total KOT Pending
KOT Cancellation Report
Total Bill Pending
Waiter Report KOT Wise / Table Wise
Table Report KOT Wise / Waiter Wise
Restaurant Daily Wise Cash Sheet
Restaurant Bar Report
KOT Register
Brokerage Charge Master
Brokerage Entry
Brokerage Report (Daily / Monthly / Brokerage Wise)
Kitchen Report
Pending Report
Wastage Report


Account Group Master
Ledger Master
Multi Voucher Type Master
Multi Voucher Entry – All Types
Asset Register
Product Wise Sale
Vat Report
Service Charge Report

Service / Luxury Tax Report
Account Ledger
Group Ledger
Day Report
Checkout Bills – Outstanding
Daily/Monthly Collection Report
Daily/Monthly Payment Report
Daily/Monthly Expense Report

RMS (Resturant Management Support) supports hotels and Restaurant activities smoothly.

Features :


More features are as under:


Restaurant Service
Item Group Master
Item Master With Rate
Table Creation
Waiter Creation
KOT Generation Facility
Bill Generation Facility
Protocol Facility Menu Wise, Unit Wise, Material Input And Output Quantity Wise
Purchase Entry And Production Entry Facility


Daily Report – Daily Sale Wise
Sale Report –All , Bill Wise ,Product Wise
Sale Report –Product Wise , Bill Wise ,Party Wise
Purchase Report –, Bill Wise Company Wise
Sales & Stock Statement Group Wise
Stock Report – Stock Ledger
Profit Date Wise / Bill Wise/ Product Wise]
Collection Report All
Cash Book
Individual Report
Sale Register
Purchase Register
Profit Report Bill To Bill
Stock Management With Daily /Monthly/Weekly Breakage Report