Support Policy

DST serves its customers directly. The company has its own Support Centre in all the States it operates. PMSTM users are visited irrespective of their problems for first five months to ensure user friendliness with the software. Training is a continuous process. So the Tech. Support Executives visit the PMSTM clients almost every month and provide feedback of the training parted during the visit. The clients are provided with the Support Slip Booklet to put their comment by the Executives.

Service At A Glance

Three types of calls for the Tech. Support Executives:

  • Normal Call / Training call :- Attended once in a month by TSEs.
  • Urgent Call :- Attended upon the urgency of the client.
  • Development Call :- Transferred to the development section.

Courtesy Call

Every month our clients are contacted from the office in order to know the present status , their valuable comments on the program and TSEs.


Quarterly, a feed-back form is send to our customers to know their valuable observation and suggestion on the program and our operating lacuna if any. We work sincerely over the genuine and Important clues.

Upgradation & New Releases*

Our support team physically visit monthly or bi-monthly or randmaly to the customer's site.

Support Slip

TSEs carry support slip and money receipt book for the clients to put their comments over unsolved problems that are meticulously reviewed by the administration.

Client TSEs Ratio

For effective coverage we have , 1 TSE per 100 Clients [Approx].

Client Gradation System

The clients are graded E - A after evaluating their software handling skill and degree of software usage. TSEs are discussed to uplift the status of the clients. Marketing Support Executives submit a report on progress of client’s grade in their monthly review meeting.

Free Service & Support For Software

One Year (12 months) from the date on installation.