PMS - Wholesale Management Support

PMS-Wholesale is a window based software with window as well as DOS based printing facilities. There are two section in PMS-Wholesale software:

Can fix various types of Discount Master according to your need which helps operating Sale when regular operator is not available.

Facility of Batch to print when physical Batch differs from the computer’s Batch. Facility to see Product wise and Bill wise Profit on Sale form.

Can see all types of Profit Reports in Report Section – in Analysis Menu & Profit and Loss in Final Accounts Menu.

Press one key to make G.R. in Bill and facility of multi Financial Years linking to check whether G.R. Batch was sold from our counter or not with the linking facility of all previous years transaction during G.R. on Sale to protect from taking unauthorized Goods (Salable/Breakage/Expired).

If G.R. was taken in Breakage/Expiry mode then all managements of Breakage/Expiry from auto Godown Breakage/Expiry entry to auto Return to Supplier to Reports of Breakage/Expiry Reconciliation can be done by pressing one key which is so perfect that if used properly can increase Min. 1% to 2% in total Profit.

PMS maintains two types of Stocks –accurate Salable and virtual stock of Breakage/Expiry.

If there is fixed Product wise Discount and due to any reason it was not given during Sale Entry then it can be given in modify or edit mode by pressing a single key.

Packing Slip/Challan

You can make bill entry in packing slip and it will auto convert in Sale Invoice and Estimate and generate two separate prints.

You can make more than one bill at the same time if required through Packing Slip which helps releasing customers as per no of item they purchase.

Money Receipt

PMS have all the provision to enter collection in whatever mode we receive it. Have auto selection facility to Dr.’s ledger (Cash in Hand or Banks) which makes collection entry correct and fast as well.

If customer maintains Bill wise payment then facility of Bill wise payment adjustment exists - it can be adjusted manual or auto as per the need.


Through Voucher we can maintain all kinds of expenses Daily / Weekly / Monthly with the facility any type of payment mode. You can maintain Purchase Invoice wise payment adjustment by pressing one key which help to know outstanding status - Company/Supp. wise.


For cash to bank, bank to cash & any types of adjustment with contra facilities. Show all the account related reports from there (individual ledger ,party/supplier outstanding ,age wise outstanding, collection report, expense register, journal register ,cash book ,bank book up to final account up to balance sheet).

Order Generation

PMS can generate order in 5 different ways.
Order generation by force – make product wise temporary order saved at any windows and at any moment by pressing one key can auto generate final order when required of all those temporary order saved products.
On the ground of Min. /Max. Qty.
On ground of sale days with facility of required period entry option.
Manual order generation with facility to see opening, purchase, sale & closing qty. of that product during order generation.

Report Section

Report Menu

Daily-Weekly-Monthly Report :- over all

Sale Report :- all – Bill wise, product wise , Party wise – Bill wise , product wise & Bill copy –bill by product(party wise),bill by product(date wise)

Sale outstanding (if billing in Cash / Credit & adjust collection bill wise), :- All and Party wise.

Purchase Report :- Bill wise – All, Supplier wise, Bill Copy – Bill by Product, Bill by Single Product.

Purchase Outstanding :– Supplier Wise.

Stock Report :- Stock Ledger Single, Bank Report, Stock Evaluation on all rate (Batch Wise & without Batch Wise).
Short list and near expiry reports.

Critical Reports

Company Wise (Monthly).
Stock Report (Transacted Product).
Monthly Analysis.


Sale Register
Purchase Register
Sale Register (Party)
Purchase Register (Supplier)
Individual Ledger
Group Ledger
Trail & Balance
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet

Special Reports

Sale Register (Party Detail – Single Party Wise).
Purchase Register (Supp. Detail – Single Supp. Wise).
Shortage / Surplus Register
Cheque Issue Report
Cheque Clear Report
Record Statics
VAT report State Wise Sale Tax Form