PMS Distribution Management

Important Features

PMS-Distribution : is a window based software with window as well as DOS based printing facilities.

More than 300 MIS Reports.

Accurate maintenance of stock & inventory through stock shortage and surplus sub menu.

Breakage Expiry Management.

Stock hold & release.

Order generation through – Sale / Purchase / Trade / Net / Institute / MSR Rates.

Order Generation by – Force / Sale / Max.

Accounts maintenance up to balance sheet.

Bank reconciliation.

Scrolling of outstanding, payables and short lived products.

Profit & loss Reports – Co. wise /Product wise / Customer wise / Product wise loss report.

Party Ledger / Sale & Purchase Register.

Outstanding – Party / All Party / Hd. Qtr. / All Hd. Qtr./ Area / Summary / All wise


Route / Beat wise / Salesman wise reports.

Management Critical Analysis Reports

The MSR & ASM Wise.

  • Comparison by Entity
  • Monthly Comparison.
  • Overall Performance.
  • Overall Performance by Product.
  • MSR Performance Copy.

Godown Wise Report

  • Godown Transfer
  • Sales Stock Statement

Territory Critical Analysis

The Past Budgeting Analysis.

Contribution analysis – Overall VS. Prod. / Party / Hd. Qtr.(Tar. / Sale / -Coll).

Overall Performance.

Profit Analysis – Hd. Qtr.- by Net /By Sales / Expense.

Territory Critical Analysis

Monthly Comparison – Prod. & All.

Target Report

State Wise Report .

Analysis – TSNC ( Target, Sales, Net rate, Coll.) Target Report – Quarterly Group wise / Product wise

Special Reports

Salesman Wise

  • Salesman by Compiled / by Product
  • Scheme Ledger.
  • All Salesman
  • Bill wise sale by Sales Exec.
  • Collection by Sales Exec.
  • Bill wise outstanding of sales Exec.
  • Challan format
  • Bill wise profit by Exec.
  • Party / Qty wise sale report

Packing Slip – Multiple Slip to Single Voucher

Accounts Special

Other Reports