Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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Go To Purchase Menu
Select Order Form
Press Shift+F5 In Stock Days
Select Company Name
Use F9 Or Ctrl+A , Select The Product.
Press F5 And Select The Item.
Go To Utility Menu, Click Change Password, Enter Old Password, Enter New Password
Account Menu In Report, Select Salesr Then Select Series Of Tax Invoice.
Discount Given On Product On Basis Of Rate And Cash Discount Given On Final Amount Or Final Value Including Tax.
Select Invoice Number To Modify, Edit Data And Press Alt+M
Rearrange The Data Or Correct The Data Due To System Off, Power Failure Or Any Other. So It Is Suggested You Should Repair After System Restart Or Shut Down Due To Power Failure Or Any Other. It Also Generate Backup. So The Chances Of Data Loss Minimal.
Either Data Corrupted Or Some Associated Files Are Not Installed. Please Check Ms-Office Is Installed Or Not.
Click Start Button, Click Control Panel, Click Date, Time, Regional Option, Change The Format Of Date And Time, Click Regional Option, \Nclick Customize, Click Date, Click Short Date Format And Write Dd/Mm/Yyyy.
Right Click In Plane Desktop, Click On Properties, Click On Setting, Change Color Quality, Resolution Is 800 * 600.